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Chào mừng bạn đến với Website của Nguyễn Thu Phương, đến với những "góc nhỏ" trong tâm hồn tôi, đến với công việc tôi đang làm, đời sống tôi đang sống, những chuyến đi mà tôi đã đi, những kinh nghiệm tôi đã trải. Gặp hay thấy ở đây những điều tôi mong muốn được giãi bày, chia sẻ, cảm thông. Những tương tác với con người, với cuộc đời qua ngôn ngữ, thông điệp và hình ảnh. Bởi như tôi nghĩ, sống trên đời, ai lại chẳng có nỗi khát khao tìm kiếm những tri kỷ, tri âm đồng điệu, chẳng có lúc chợt thấy mình sao cô đơn quá giữa đám đông... Bạn cũng có thể đăng ký thành viên và post bài, tham gia tương tác trong mục DIỄN ĐÀN của website. Rất cám ơn bạn đã ủng hộ. Link vào trang facebook của tôi, bạn (Bấm vào đây)

Welcome to my website: www.nguyenthuphuong.com

Actually I don’t know how and since when to start the talk about myself. So, like me, my true one so far will be expressed between the lines.

About twenty years ago, I would burst out into laughter if someone called me an author or a scriptwriter, though I dared to write some poems and articles for my class posters, a couple of newsletter of my school, and a small number of short plays for some school events and local community activities. And more, I would never figure out the future in which my name would have been added with some prefixes full of pride.

Fifteen years ago, occupying myself to float with the rat race and to settle down with my own happiness – my little family, I almost spent no time on taking interest in literature, writing or career.

Ten years ago, approaching to a couple of works and some awards (beyond my ever expectations), I was still on the fence wondering whether I continued or not stepping on the path of literature and writing.

Five years ago, I proudly declared that I was … a “complex of titles” with so many kinds that can be named: writer, reporter, poet, film-scriptwriter, theater-scriptwriter, and director (with academic training).

And when having the website designed, I only have a dream of creating this as my own world. You, my dear, can read and see what I have done, what I am doing and what I will do or what I wanted, what I currently want and what I will want. It can also be what I might have liked, what I like at the moment, and what I will like; or how I have lived, how I am living and how I will live…

Indeed I have a file in My document to keep the diary of my writing career. Nevertheless, I want to put away all of my belongings in a more interesting, exciting and scintillating way like this.
Thinking over for so long, imagining so much, I made a decision: website of Nguyen Thu Phuong must look like my online "house" or "office" - a cozy warm place that welcomes all of those who care. All can pass by and drop in, pay a short visit or go for a sightseeing around, have a short talk or discuss, or interact with me and with one another.

And this is for now: warmly welcome you to my website www.nguyenthuphuong.com  !!!



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